Exhibitor info

Exhibitor info - Veterinary congress in Finland 11.-13.12.2019
Messukeskus, Helsinki

Reservations: contact Tiina Karenius, tiina.karenius@fennovet.fi or +358 9 7745 4814 or assistant Ann-Mari Hella, ann-mari.hella@fennovet.fi, tel. +358 9 7745 4847

Veterinary congress 2019


Exhibition map

  • updated 12.6.2019
  • Exhibition area is nearly sold out. Some 2m2-6m2 places left.
  • Next Veterinary congress with larger exhibition area will be held on 16.-18.9.2020. 

Registration form

  • Arrangements of booths starts 6th of May.
  • The location of exhibition booths will be determined by the organiser. Large booths and partners of the Finnish Veterinary Association and Fennovet will receive preference.
  • Contact information and invoice address will be transferred to Suomen Messut (Messukeskus)
  • Exhibitors shall accept the booth location proposed by the organiser no later than one week after receiving the proposal.

 Terms and conditions

  • Includes information about exhibition space fee, additional costs, booths, opening hours, etc.

Cataloque information

  • The cataloque info will be asked only by Fennovet personnel

Exhibition services and products

  • Power supply must be ordered separately from the Finnish Fair Corporation (via the eMessukeskus service)
  • Booth structures, furniture and lightning must be ordered separately from the Finnish Fair Corporation or the exhibitor's own partner

Construction guide - Information and instructions to builders

  • Read the Finnish Fair Corporation Construction guide

Exhibitor badges


Visitor badges




Advertising, banners

  Dead line
Congress proceedings/ compendium  
Sponsor options contact Tiina Karenius
30 minute lecture on lunch time held by exhibitor reservation latest on 13.8.
Veterinary Journal issue 7/19 is Veterinary congress extra  reservation latest on 9.9.


Exhibition opening hours
(Congress Centre doors will be open at 7.00)

Date Time
Tuesday, construction hours 7-22
Wednesday 9.30-21
Thursday 8-16
Friday 8-16
Dismantling on Friday 16.15-22



Holiday Inn hotel next to the venue.

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Exhibition 2019
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