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Fennovet video shop

You can use the video player below to view recordings of seminars, training sessions and other events organised by Fennovet. Viewing rights to content are sold event-specifically and contain all recordings for a specific event. Recordings of individual lectures may not be purchased separately.

Click “Select playlist” to open a drop-down menu of available events. The first video on the playlist displayed by default is a brief introductory video that may be watched free of charge. Actual recordings from events are selected from the drop-down menu. After selecting an event, the playlist displays all its available recordings. By clicking any of the recordings from the event and pressing play, you will be able to purchase viewing rights by following the provided instructions. Videos can be viewed immediately after the online transaction has been validated.

In general, prices are EUR 49 (incl. VAT 24%) for one-day webinars and EUR 89 (incl. VAT 24%) for two-day webinars. The exact price of the webinar can be checked by selecting the playlist for the webinar and pressing play. You are not yet committed to the purchase, and are free to return and inspect the prices of other playlists. Viewing rights to recordings from an event are valid for one (1) month from purchase and include unlimited views.