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Horse Genetics

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Ernest Bailey, Samantha A Brooks

Completely updated and revised, the third edition of this essential textbook describes the basic genetics of the horse including coat colour, parentage, medical and population genetics, cytogenetics, performance, breeding systems and genetic conservation, as well as the many recent advances in genomics.

New for the third edition:
- More information on genomics and biology have been included
- There are two additional chapters on genetics with respect to infectious diseases and reproduction
- Expanded sections on quantitative genetics and genomic selection provide comprehensive coverage
- Many new figures further illustrate key points in the text
- Redesigned in colour throughout and keeping the popular features of previous editions

This authoritative text remains one of the key sources of information for basic genetic principles and their specific applications to the horse, and is essential for students of equine studies, animal breeding and veterinary science, as well as horse breeders and owners.

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65,00€ 59,09€

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Publisher: Cabi (May 2020)
Paperback: 240 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9781786392596