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Equine Emergencies, 4th edition

109,00€ 99,09€

James A. Orsini, Thomas J. Divers

Respond quickly and confidently to emergency situations with the only text dedicated entirely to equine emergency treatment. The latest edition of this reliable manual is vastly expanded to encompass a wide range of new and evolving topics in horse care, with thorough, step-by-step procedures for the most effective emergency treatment. Portable for use in the clinic or in the field and presented for the first time in full color, it’s your one-source guide for complete equine emergency support.

NEW! Chapter covering bacterial and viral diseases arms you with critical information on diagnostic labs, collection, submission, and interpretation.

NEW! Chapter on emergency diagnostic procedures keeps you up-to-date on all the tests needed to determine the most effective treatment.

NEW! Chapter on gene testing provides information on which gene tests and labs should be performed.

NEW! Chapter on biopsy techniques highlights the different instruments available, endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques, as well as how to perform a pleuritis examination.

NEW! Chapter on laboratory submission offers the latest information on tests, laboratory charts, guidelines for making an appropriate submission, and blood drawing.

NEW! Chapters on feeding and starvation and flood injury supply the latest guidelines for nutrition, disaster medicine, and snake bites/envenomation.

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109,00€ 99,09€

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Publisher: Saunders (1/2014)
Hardcover: 912pages
ISBN: 9781455708925
Weight: 2,3 kg
Product Dimensions: 216 X 276 mm, over 3mm