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Equine Neonatal Medicine

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David M. Wong, Pamela A. Wilkins

Equine Neonatal Medicine offers an in-depth comprehensive reference for the clinical management of pregnant and periparturient mares and neonatal foals. Edited by leading experts in the field and written by experienced equine specialists, this textbook covers all aspects of providing veterinary care to mares and neonatal foals. Encompassing physiology, pathophysiology, theory, and practice, this textbook offers an authoritative, well-illustrated reference to equine perinatology.

The book:

  • Covers aspects of veterinary care for the pregnant and peri-parturient mare and how to diagnose and treat the ill neonate
  • Discusses breeding management, pregnancy detection, fetal monitoring and parturition, and peri-parturient disorders in the mare
  • Presents an exhaustive, detailed, and comprehensive reference for any veterinary practitioner involved with breeding management of horses and the care of neonatal foals
  • Provides a clinical perspective, including both theory and practice
  • Features more than 600 color images and diagrams to demonstrate the concepts discussed
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394,00€ 358,18€

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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (February 2024)
Hardcover: 1584 pages
ISBN: 9781119617259
Language: English