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A Handbook for the Sheep Clinician

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Winter, Clarkson

An established favourite with veterinary and agricultural students and a valuable addition to the library of any veterinarian or sheep farmer, this handbook covers the basics of sheep medicine and production. Geared at being an on-farm reference, it concisely conveys all of the fundamental information for the treatment of sheep worldwide. In this fully updated and revised 7th edition, topics covered include reproduction, vaccination, pregnancy and newborns, lameness, parasites, diseases, neurology and health promotion. An emphasis on diagnosis and treatment combined with short, easily digestible chapters and step-by-step diagrams makes this book an essential practical guide to recognising, treating and preventing disease.

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55,00€ 50,00€

Product Dimensions: under 3cm
Pages: 202
Published: 2.2012
ISBN: 9781845939748
Publisher: CABI