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Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition

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The fourth entirely revised edition fo Food Procesing Technology: Principle and Practise has been updated and extended to include the many devolopments tht have taken place since the third edition was published. This edition consolidates the position of this foundation book as the best available single-volume introduction to food manufacturing technologies. It remains the book adopted as the standard text by many food science and tecnology courses.

The book describes the wide range of techniques that are used to process foods. It explains the key principles of each process, including the theory, equipment used for commercial production, and developmets in tecnology. It also describes the effects of processing on sensory and nutritional properties of foods and the effects against contaminating micro-organisms to produce safe foods that have required shelf-life.

The book gathers and synthesizes information from a wide range of sources, combining results of scientiric sudies with descriptions of commercial practices. Where appropriate, sample problems are given and reference is made to relate topics including nutrition, marketing, production and logistics management, food laws and food industry regulation, value chains, environmental issues, and sustainability. The comprehensive text is written in staightforward language with explanations of scientific terms and concepts and minimum use of jargon.

Part I describes basic concepts, including food composition, physical and biochemical properties, food quality and safety management, process monitoring and contro, and engineering principles; 
Part II describes operations that take place at ambient temperature or involve minimum heating of food;
Part III includes operations that heat foods to preserve them or to alter their eating quality;
Part IV describes operations that remove heat from goods to extend their shelf-life with minimal changes to nutritional quality or sensorty characteristics; and
PartV describes post-processing operations, including packaging, storage, and distribution logistics.

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79,00€ 71,82€

Series: Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition
Hardcover: 1152 pages
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing; 4 edition (October 24, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780081019078
Weight: 1970g