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Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination, 2nd ed.

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Juan Samper

Put the principles of good breeding management into practice with Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination, 2nd Edition for reproductive success! Practical information on the reproductive management of both thoroughbred and warmblood breeding operations prepares you to effectively breed even problem mares and stallions. Plus, detailed content on techniques, procedures, reproductive physiology, and more help you increase reproductive efficiency as well as track and improve your results throughout each breeding season.


1. Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Stallion
2. Endocrinology of the Stallion
3. Semen Collection
4. Stallion Behavior
5. Sperm Physiology
6. Semen Evaluation
7. Breeding Management of the Thoroughbred Stallion (Shuttle)
8. Breeding Management of the Warmblood Stallion
9. Hormonal Manipulation of the Mare
10. Microbiology and Diseases of Semen
11. Anatomy and Physiology of the Mare
12. Uterine Edema of the Mare
13. Breeding Management of the Mare
14. Artificial Insemination With Cooled Semen
15. Artificial Insemination With Frozen Semen
16. Embryo Transfer
17. Preservation of Equine Embryos
18. Assisted Reproductive Techniques in the Mare
19. The Early Pregnancy
20. Evaluation of the Foal In-Utero
21. Infectious Problems in the Last Trimester of Pregnancy
22. Parturition and Evaluation of the Placenta
23. The New Born Foal
24. Breeding the Post-partum Mare
25. Preventive Medicine of the Brood Mare
26. Evaluation of Reproductive Efficiency
27. Significance of the Equine Genome on the Horse Industry

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111,00€ 100,91€

69,00€ 62,73€

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Saunders; 2 edition (Dec 12 2008)
ISBN-13: 978-1416052340
Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 2.3 x 27.7 cm
Weight: 1.2 Kg