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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Nephrology and Urology, 3rd edition

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Jonathan Elliott, Gregory Grauer, Jodi Westropp

This practical guide reflects the impact of the many new technologies that have been developed and employed in this area on the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disorders. The manual covers common presenting clinical and laboratory problems, therapeutic techniques, and the clinical management of important disease syndromes. New chapters address early detection of chronic kidney disease, assessment of calcium and phosphate homeostasis, and those considering the effects of systemic diseases that complicate the management of kidney disease. The manual also features case examples.


Stranguria and haematuria; Polyuria and polydipsia; Urinary incontinence and urine retention; Abnormal renal palpation; Proteinuria; Complete urinalysis; Diagnostic imaging of the urinary tract; Cystoscopy; Diagnostic approach to the incontinent patient; Early detection of chronic kidney disease; Assessment of calcium and phosphate homeostasis in chronic kidney disease; Diagnostic algorithms for grading acute kidney injury and staging the chronic kidney disease patient; Renal biopsy; Genetic basis for urinary tract diseases; Measurement of blood pressure; Cardiovascular-renal disorders; Hyperthyroidism and the feline kidney; Hypertension and the kidney; Effects of other endocrine diseases on kidney function; Effects of NSAID drug treatment on the kidney; Acute kidney injury; Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis; Management of chronic kidney disease; Management of glomerulopathies; Management of prostatic disease; Medical management of urolithiasis; Non-medical management of urolithiasis; Management of non-obstructive idiopathic/interstitial cystitis in cats; Urinary tract infections; Medical and surgical management of urinary incontinence.

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95,00€ 86,36€

89,00€ 80,91€

Soft cover: 368 pages
Publisher: British Small Animal Veterinary Association; 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781905319947
Weight: 1,22 kg