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Veterinary Treatment of Pigs

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Graham R. Duncanson

Written from a practitioner's viewpoint, this book covers the everyday veterinary care and treatment of pigs for the large animal veterinarian. Beginning with basic husbandry, maintenance and nutrition, the book then moves onto diagnosing conditions, the necessary equipment and medicines in a veterinarian's arsenal and different treatment options, before describing diseases by body system to create an easy-to-use, practical guide to pig treatment. Equally suitable for veterinarians, veterinary students and pig industry personnel, this book takes a worldwide approach with notifiable diseases as laid out by the OIE covered, as well as poisons and diseases beyond the UK and a full chapter on the dangers and control strategies of zoonotic diseases.

Main Contents

1. Animal Husbandry
2. Nutrition
3. Making a diagnosis and post mortem technique
4. Veterinary Equipment
5. Veterinary Medicines
6. Vaccines
7. Sedation, analgesia, anaesthesia and euthanasia
8. Surgical procedures
9. Diseases of the gastro-enteric system
10. Diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems
11. Diseases of the urino-genital system
12. Diseases of the neurological system
13. Diseases of the locomotory System
14. Diseases of the skin
15. Notifiable diseases
16. Poisons
17. Zoonotic Diseases

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125,00€ 113,64€

99,00€ 90,00€

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Hardback. 192 pages
Publisher: CABI (April 2014)
ISBN: 9781780641720
Weight: 570g