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Clinical Manual of Small Animal Endosurgery

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Alasdair Hotston Moore, Rosa Angela Ragni

A practical and comprehensive guide to rigid endoscopy and endosurgery in small animal practice. Fully illustrated throughout, it covers the clinical treatment of small animals from pre-operative through to post-operative care. With reference to specific procedures, this manual includes guidance on the selection of equipment, surgical techniques, anaesthesia and possible complications. A specialist chapter advising on the treatment of birds, reptiles and small mammals is also included.

Clinical Manual of Small Animal Endosurgery will enable veterinarians to develop and improve their endoscopic techniques in clinical practice, as well as providing guidance on referral options for more complex cases.

• Provides comprehensive information on how to perform rigid endoscopic investigations and procedures.
• The focus is on dogs and cats with a specialist chapter covering the treatment of exotic small animals
• Contains many full colour clinical photographs
• Written and edited by experts in the field


Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Preface xi

1 Rigid Endoscopy 1
Alasdair Hotston Moore and Rosa Angela Ragni

2 Diagnostic Arthroscopy 31
Martin R. Owen

3 Operative Arthroscopy 67
Martin R. Owen

4 Diagnostic Laparoscopy 99
Alasdair Hotston Moore and Rosa Angela Ragni

5 Operative Laparoscopy 135
Lynetta J. Freeman

6 Thoracoscopy 169
Romain Pizzi

7 Urethrocystoscopy and the Female Reproductive Tract 209
Philip J. Lhermette

8 Endoscopy of the Upper Respiratory Tract: Rhinosinusoscopy, Pharyngoscopy and Tracheoscopy 231
David S. Sobel

9 Endoscopy of the Canine and Feline Ear: Otoendoscopy 255
David S. Sobel

10 Small Exotic Animal Endosurgery 273
Romain Pizzi

Index 307

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86,00€ 78,18€

59,00€ 53,64€

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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (July 2012)
Hardcover: 334 pages
ISBN: 9781405190015
Language: English
Weight: 880g