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Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Oncology

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Rob Foale, Fred Nind, Jackie Demetriou


1. How to obtain the perfect biopsy
2. Principles of cancer surgery
3. Principles of cancer chemotherapy
4. Principles of ca...

ncer radiotherapy
5. The cancer patient with halitosis and/or nasal discharge
6. The cancer patient with halitosis and/or hypersalivation
7. The coughing and/or dyspnoeic cancer patient
8. The dysphagic/gagging/retching cancer patient
9. The vomiting and/or diarrhoeic cancer patient
10. The haematochezic or dyschezic cancer patient
11. The anaemic cancer patient
12. The polydipsic cancer patient
13. The haematuric/stranguric/dysuric cancer patient
14. The lame cancer patient
15. The cancer patient with lumps and bumps

Multiple choice questions
MCQs - Answers
Appendix 1: World Health Organization clinical staging scheme for lymphoma in domestic animals
Appendix 2: Chemotherapy protocols
Appendix 3: Protocol for a water deprivation test
Appendix 4: Daily calorie calculations for dogs and cats
Appendix 5: Protocol for performing a prostatic wast
Appendix 6: Suppliers list


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83,00€ 75,45€

30,00€ 27,27€

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Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Saunders (April 2010)
ISBN: 9780702028694
Weight: 558 g