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Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing, 4th Edition

65,00€ 59,09€

Victoria Aspinall

Trainee and newly qualified nurses often need to brush up on key clinical skills quickly, or perhaps acquaint themselves with skills they have never before undertaken for real. All the principal procedures a vet nurse is likely to be called on to perform are presented in this book in the most practically useful way, linkin the action with the underlying rationale and illustrating both with ultra-clear artworks and photographs. This new fourth edition fully takes into account the new RCVS Day One competencies in tis review and presentation of skills. In particular, behavioural considerations now have a special emphasis. These changes ensure that the new Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing ramains a core resource and the veterinary nurse´s best friend in practice.

Key features:

  • All the principal basic procedures are covered
  • Uses a step-by-step ´action/rationale´approach for maximum clarity
  • Covers companion animals, equine and exotic species
  • All skils reviewed and updated in conformity with best practice
  • Now aligned with RCVS Day One current skills an competencies
  • All-new design improves user-friedliness
  • Chapters 4-6 restructured with new illustrations
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Toimitusaika: 14-30 arkipäivää

65,00€ 59,09€

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Publisher: Elsevier; 4 edition (27th March 2019)
Paperback: 350 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9780702073960
Weight: 692g