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Food Product Optimization for Quality and Safety Control Process, Monitoring, and Standards

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Juan Carlos Contreras-Esquivel,Laxmikant S. Badwaik, Porteen Kannan, A. K. Haghi

This book, Food Product Optimization for Quality and Safety Control: Process, Monitoring, and Standards, discusses food quality and safety standards that are critically important for both developed and developing economies, where consumer safety is among the primary issues to be considered in food supply chain management. After the rapid development of many economies, quality standards have focused on consumer demands for safe food and beverage. The book considers that food safety is a multi-faceted subject, using microbiology, chemistry, standards and regulations, and risk management to address issues involving bacterial pathogens, chemical contaminants, natural toxicants, additive safety, allergens, and more. This volume emphasizes the interrelationship between these areas and their equal importance in food production.

Table of Contents

1. Transformation of Phosphorus in Soils of Agroecosystems in Long-Term Experiments: Sustainability Challenges of Phosphorus and Food
2. The Content of Exchange Potassium in Soil with Prolonged Application of Fertilizers: Impact of Soil on Food Safety
3. Foodborne Pathogenic Anaerobes
4. Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Ceylon Olive (Elaeocarpus serratus)
5. Surfactant-Mediated Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Musa balbisiana Bracts: Kinetic Study and Phytochemical Profiling
6. Current Prospects of Bio-Based Nanostructured Materials in Food Safety and Preservation
7. Campylobacteriosis: Emerging Foodborne Zoonoses
8. Enzymatic Modification of Ferulic Acid Content in Arabinoxylans from Maize Distillers Grains: Effect on the Rheology of Gels
9. Stability and Quality of Fruit Juices Incorporated with Probiotic Lactobacilli
10. Study of Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation and Adsorption Characteristics of Legumes Using ANN Modelling
11. Enzymatic Production of Chito-Oligosaccharides and D-Glucosamine by Fungal Chitosanases from Aspergillus Spp.: A Review
12. Isomaltulose: The Next Sweetener, A Quick Review
13. Going Through Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for Food Processing: Assessment of Progress and Achievements
14. Security and Biodisponibility of Derivatives from Medicinal Plants in Food Consumption
15. Dough Viscoelasticity of the Bread-Making Process Using the Dynamic Oscillation Method: A Review
16. Physicochemical Characteristics and Gelling Properties of Arabinoxylans Recovered from Maize Wastewater: Effect of Lime Soaking Time during Nixtamalization

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189,00€ 171,82€

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Publisher: Academic Press (November 2020)
Hardcover: 418 pages
ISBN: 9781771888790
Language: English