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Veterinary Business and Enterprise - Theoretical Foundations and Practical Cases

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Colette Henry

Veterinary Business and Enterprise: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Cases presents readers with a unique collection of theory-based chapters and case studies that together provide a clear and practical illustration of key contemporary challenges in veterinary business management. The theory sections are written by leading academics from top universities and colleges, and cover leadership and management, the application of marketing theory, brand identity, ethical approaches to management and more.

The practical cases are principally based on real businesses within the broader veterinary sector both nationally and internationally. Each case deals with themes specifically relevant to the effective and practical management of a veterinary or veterinary-related business and presents a particular business challenge for students to solve. The cases are supported by web-based overviews, student assessments and interactive questions.

The book will be an important business and enterprise learning resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate level students of veterinary medicine. It will also be an invaluable supporting resource for business and enterprise educators and those responsible for curriculum design in veterinary schools internationally.


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Chapter 1 Introduction - Colette Henry (Royal Veterinary College)

Part I: Theoretical Foundations

Chapter 2 The Need for Business Skills in Veterinary Education: Perceptions versus evidence
Martin A. Cake, Susan M. Rhind & Sarah Baillie (Murdoch University, University of Edinburgh & University of Bristol)

Chapter 3 Clinical Leadership and Professionalism in Veterinary Practice
Liz Mossop (University of Nottingham)

Chapter 4 Leadership and Management in Veterinary Practice
Brian Faulkner (Front Foot Veterinary Consultancy)

Chapter 5 Veterinary Business Management: An Ethical Approach to Managing People and Practices
Lorna Treanor & Martin Whiting (University of Ulster & Royal Veterinary College)

Chapter 6 Documenting and Investigating the Entrepreneurial Trade in Illegal Veterinary Medicines in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Robert Smith & Martin Whiting (The Robert Gordon University & Royal Veterinary College)

Chapter 7 Applying Marketing Theory to Veterinary Practice
Andrew Morton (The Marketing Institute)

Chapter 8 Brand Identity: Building a Veterinary Hospital Brand
Cathy R. Coates (University of Bristol)

Chapter 9 Veterinary Field Expertise and Knowledge Exchange
Jeremy Phillipson, Amy Proctor, Philip Lowe & Andrew Donaldson (University of Newcastle)

Part II: Practical Cases

Chapter 10 Ellie Prior: Starting out in practice
Claire Denny, Sarah Baillie & James Gazzard (Royal Veterinary College, University of Bristol & University of East Anglia)

Chapter 11 Church Hill Equine Clinic: Changing Large Animal Practice in Rural Areas
Izzy Warren-Smith (Harper Adams University College)

Chapter 12 Cromlyn Vets: Where to now?
Colette Henry (Royal Veterinary College)

Chapter 13 De’Ath, Slaughter, Davis & Jones: Time for a Re-Brand?
Lynn Hill (University of Bristol)

Chapter 14 Cascade Veterinary Practice: Changing times
Adele Feakes & Diane Whatling (University of Adelaide)

Chapter 15 Northgate Veterinary Clinic: A new lease of life?
Adele Feakes & Diane Whalting (University of Adelaide)

Chapter 16 Parasol Kennels: Innovative Animal Housing
Christopher Brown & Jane Taylor (University of Hertfordshire)


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78,00€ 70,91€

49,00€ 44,55€

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Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Saunders (October 2013)
ISBN: 9780702050121
Weight: 431 g