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Atlas of Bovine Pathology

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Keith Cutler

This atlas is aimed at bovine medicine practitioners to provide them with an easy to use visual reference of the main pathologies and disorders present in this species. A wide range of the most common diseases and disorders of cattle are illustrated, grouped by organic system and anatomic location, along with a brief description of the aetiology and pathology of each.

The atlas includes the main disorders of cattle including congenital malformations, skin disorders, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions and diseases affecting the locomotor system, the nervous system including the sensory organs and the reproductive apparatus of males and females including the mammary gland.

1. Introduction. An approach to farm animal cases

2. The cardiovascular system
Congenital disorders
Valvular endocarditis
Peripheral vasculitis
Babesiosis (redwater fever)
Anaplasmosis (ehrlichiosis)
Bovine leukosis

3. The respiratory system
Enzootic and cuffing pneumonia
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)
Bovine tuberculosis
Pulmonary thromboembolic disease

4. The gastrointestinal system
Congenital disorders
Neonatal and pre-weaning diarrhoea
Peri-weaning diarrhoea
Necrotic enteritis
Bovine papular stomatitis
Vesicular stomatitis
Mucosal disease
Actinobacillosis (“wooden tongue”)
Actinomycosis (“lumpy jaw”)
Oesophageal obstruction (“choke”)
Rumen acidosis
Ruminal impaction
Ruminal tympany (bloat)
Traumatic reticulitis/reticuloperitonitis (“wire disease”)
Vagal indigestion (Hoflund syndrome)
Rumen fluke (paramphistomiasis)
Abomasal ulceration
Abomasal dilation and torsion
Intestinal volvulus/torsion
Caecal dilation and torsion
Rectal prolapse
Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis)
Miscellaneous conditions
Liver diseases

5. Skin and integumentary system
The eye
The skin

6. The musculoskeletal system
Congenital disorders
Conditions affecting the limbs and spine
Conditions affecting the foot
Conditions affecting the skin of the digit
Conditions affecting the horn of the digit
Treatment of deep digital sepsis

7. The mammary gland

8. The urogenital system
The urinary system
The reproductive system

9. The nervous system
Metabolic and deficiency diseases
Viral diseases
Bacterial diseases
Lead poisoning
Congenital disorders

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85,00€ 77,27€

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Publisher: Servet (2017)
ISBN: 9788416818662
Hardcover: 192 pages
Language: English