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Breed Predispositions to Dental and Oral Disease in Dogs

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Niemieck Brook

Breed Predispositions to Dental and Oral Disease in Dogs offers a practical guide to breed predispositions to dental disease. Designed to support veterinarians in making clinical decisions and communicating with clients, the book provides a thorough understanding of the differences between large and small dogs as they relate to dental treatment. Including both information on dental therapy and anesthetizing dogs for dental procedures, the book is a useful patient-side reference for veterinary practices.

The book includes specifics on small and toy breed dogs, small breed brachycephalic dogs, and brachycephalic dogs, with details of clinical conditions more likely to be faced in specific breeds. Clinical photographs demonstrate the concepts discussed. Breed Predispositions to Dental and Oral Disease in Dogs is a useful resource for any clinician dealing with oral disease in dogs.

  • Presents practical guidance on the particular considerations in treating dental disease in dogs
  • Supports veterinarians in making decisions for dental therapy and communicating with clients
  • Offers an understanding of breed predispositions to dental disease
  • Dispels myths about the dangers of anesthetizing brachycephalic breeds and provides balanced information on anesthesia
  • Includes high-quality clinical photographs demonstrating the principles discussed
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109,00€ 99,09€

82,00€ 74,55€

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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (June 2021)
Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN: 9781119552116
Language: English
Weight: 616g